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This phone picture messaging application, Snapchat does a lot more than ‘picture messaging’ in real life. There are so many features in this phone application that the users are more than satisfied using this application rather than using the same type of applications for photo sharing and messaging which the market is filled with. People in the present days are dynamic and with the progress in the modernization of the world the taste and preference of the people are constantly changing and due to this reason the companies should try and offer the people something new to satisfy both their necessity and desire.
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Snapchat offers the people their needs and wants

It is what exactly the developers of Snapchat did with this phone application – they gave the people a photo messaging application which can do loads of other stuffs too such as live video chat and video sharing and uploading. Apart from these features Snapchat is giving them numerous options regarding photo editing and inserting the various kinds of effects in the snaps taken by them before sharing them with their friends or uploading them in the various popular social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook.
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