aaronsecret – Snapchat’s new guideline to curtail the flow of sexting

Social networking sites are meant to build for getting connected with our friend, colleagues

and relatives. We often exchange our feelings by texting and personal photographs too with the

help of it. Now a day snapchat is one of the most popular instant photo sharing apps all over the

globe. But many teenagers are using this medium to send his or her nude picture on it. This is

often called sexting. Snapchat is trying to get away from being the sexting app with the new

guidelines urging teens to keep their clothes on.

What is sexting?

We know how to text through mobile phones. Writing down short messages on mobile screen

and forwarding it to the recipient is called texting. But when it is related to instant messenger

we can forward not only writing matters or quotes but we can also attach various images to it.

We often share our cozy or light moment through it. It is found that there is a tendency among

the young adults to capture their picture wearing minimal attire and forwarding them to their

recipients. These sexual contents are related to sexting.
new guideline

Necessary steps taken from the company officials

Snapchat is trying to cut down this process because hackers are also very active in those social

networking sites and applications. There is a huge risk that your personal photos might be

land into wrong hand. Teenagers are mostly getting affected with this. Your personal feeling

is attached with those pictures. So you never want to get morphed in those pictures. Sexting

through snapchat has become a widely known occurrence in the United States within last few

years. Its features have made their services better and more appealing to the users. They out

emphasizes on not to sex chat or sexting through the medium. Experts also states that it is found

that the internet is exposing young children to nudity and pornographic images at an earlier

stage. It has a very bad impact on them. Research also shows children below ten are also sending

and receiving sexual pictures and snapchat videos of others and themselves through the mobile


Company officials are also feeling worried in this issue. They also concern about the children

who are losing the innocence at an early age through the bad effect of sexting. For this reason

they have launched a new feature on snapchat. “Community Guidelines” which are published

under “Abuse and safely” and tell youngsters not to snapshot x-rated materials. They also warn

the users to click the snap wearing proper dress. Company officials also have decided those

users who violate this terms and conditions will be banned from the application or they will be

suspended from using the app.

This is surely a commendable step taken from the company which will help to prevent sexting.

Photo messaging sites and apps are made to real time picture chatting. So we have to pay some

proper thinking while using this. These guidelines will definitely help the users and their privacy.

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