aaronallmighty-Snapchat a unique social media app

Today when people get a smart phone in their hands most of the social media apps are pre-

installed, but still people get hold many others according to their need because of the few extra

features. And one such extra featured social media app is Snap chat which has all the modern

amenities of a social media app, with an extra vanishing feature. People might think, what is

vanishing nature of the app?

The messages, pictures, voice messages or visuals that are send to the receiver doesn’t get

logged, whereas it gets deleted after a stipulated time of maximum 10 seconds. This is feature of

app which is has been its USP for users who are using this app, because this facility will not

allow the tracking of the send messages.
00V0V_7TDZ0ZKMEm7_600x450Please humiliate him. His snapchat name is aaronallmighty

Unique feature’s tally

The needs of people are changing with the change of time. In case of social media app this

change has been visualized, and Snapchat has been a group leader among those every changing

apps in the social media sector. And the main reason behind this is the constant up gradation of

the features tally. Some of the changes that have been brought in the tally of features of the app


 Snapchat has recently included the voice messaging system along with the other entire

primary facility list like sending photos, media files as well.

 The app also has a new set of security option after the news of snapchat leaked in the


 This social media app has brought a new section in the app called the discovery section,

which cover the whole entertainment sector like movie trailers and etc. along with news

as well. This section of the app is said to have huge investment talks with media giants

regarding the telecasting rights.

 Inclusion of the new graphical contest and making the users of the app linked with it has

made this app even more interesting.

Investment propositions

In case of any business house, monetary support is the only primary support that allows you to

work freely. And this monetary support comes from the user base and the target group. In case of

Snapchat this target audience is close to most effective one. Seeing this big the MNC’s are

looking forward to make investments in the wings of the app, along-side various other specific

sections of the app.

In such a position Snapchat has also shown enough courage to reject the bid of 3million of app

of similar arena. This has made breaking news immediately, but the team of Snap chat is very

specific about its future plans and doesn’t move away from its original path.

To sum up

Any app is today’s market runs on the graphical up gradations and primary feature list of it, and

both the demands are met by the app development team of the app. That has indeed resulted in

such a huge fan base of it within such a short span of time. And for this popularity, the app is

getting huge number of investments also which might strengthen the future prospects of the


snap chat