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If you are bored with the same, old functionalities of famous and leading social media apps then

this is the time to switch to something new, the engaging features of Snapchat will always

encourage you to stay engaged to the app and will never give you a scope to be bored. Though

no one has expected that this photo sharing, instant messaging app will receive immense

admirations from the users, but by surprising everyone it has managed to be at the top position in

the world of social media. Now even the advertisers believe upon the capabilities of this app and

consider it as a strong, effectual market for promoting products specially that are youth oriented

as its popularity is based upon its teenage users, they are the greater portions of their existing

users. Without them it was quite impossible for the app to attain the uppermost level of

popularity. The self destructing feature of the app plays the most significant role to make it

attractive among the youngsters and this feature has made it easy to ride the road of success. The

photos that are sent through it disappears automatically within few seconds once the recipient’s

open it. Now let’s see what Discover, the most awaiting feature has in its sack to offer to the

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What does Discover offer to the users?

If you have installed the latest versions of the Snapchat you can enjoy the facilities of Discover

features, and after 1 year it is hoped that all of its users are now being facilitated with this

feature. After opening up the app, swiping at right side can give you the access to the Stories

menu. One more swipe towards the right direction can take you towards the Discover menu.

From here, to visit to any media outlets you just need to tap on any of the media outlet’s logo.

Suppose you want to view the latest updates of Comedy Central, all you need to do is to tap into

their logo and you will be directed into their Stories, here you can see the glimpses of their Daily

Shows, if that glimpse emerge interest in you then just pull it down to see the full video or article

that is attached to the specific story. If you want to view the full screened video then turn the

phone sideways.

Snapchat Discover segment also allows ad integration; each of the media channel can exhibit the

sponsored ads in their story channel. Once you enter into a media outlets just swipe the screen to

the right direction for roaming through the available stories as well as videos. The same method

is also applicable for the text-based stories. You can skip the video as well and if you wish to

visit to that again just swipe the screen towards the left direction. To exit from the discover

section you need to swipe the screen upwards and you will be directed towards the main menu.

And once more left swipe will bring you back to the Stories section. Discover feature is available

for both iOs and Android device.

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