19 Male looking for naughty girls // snapchat: handsomebritish-Snapchat is bringing in reinforcements?

With snapchat, nothing can ever be enough and the owners have proved this time and again.

This time it seems like having 100 million users per day active on their app is not enough. They

are always doing every possible thing to expand their brand reach and if that means reorganizing

the staff in their office, they would not think twice before doing the needful. The latest addition

to their New York office is hiring Sean Mills as the head of Original content. He is supposed to

have joined the office this week is already under pressure of provided quick and big results.

Who is Sean Mills?

Even though snapchat is all about taking risks and investing in companies which are still in its

startup phases, the app has not taken any chances where expanding its business is concerned.

Sean Mills comes from a background of taking a small business and giving it a larger than life

status. He was previously the CEO of a site called Nerve.com and also worked as the former

president of The Onion. With such high sung companies under his belt in the past, there is

definitely some high expectation riding on him when it comes to taking snapchat to the next

level. In all of his past jobs, he had taken the companies to 10 million clients from just a handful in just a period of 8 months. His miracle touch also breathed new life to a startup company such as NowThis. While it was struggling big time to build up a client base, being stuck at 150,000, Mills revamped the entire company so that by the end it was easily basking on 60 million views every month.

Current situation

While there were rumors that Peter Hambly, who was hired a few months ago by snap chat to

manage the app’s news section in New York, would have to report to Mills, such will not be the

case. It seems like both of them have been retained as the head and they will co-manage the snap

chat office near Times Square. Peter Hambly was employed straight off his brilliant performance

with CNN and hence making him work under someone could have been the cause behind a lot of

bad blood which ultimately could not have had benefited the company in any way. There are also

talks going on about increasing work staff in the sales department of the app office in NY.

Original content in snapchat

When it comes to Original content, the only ones that snap chat can boast of at present are the

latest add-on called Discovery which features originally written articles and stories from the app

itself, a popular picture streaming feature called Stories which is its biggest hit yet and a reality series known as Literally Cant Even. If the app is to draw in more users and views, the main job of Mills would be to introduce more categories of Original content in the app such as sports or comedy. Being restricted in just news and trailer clips will not take the app very far where viewer ratings are concerned.

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