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Snapchat is a popular picture sharing app that allows the users to share image, video and

message with the Snapchat friends. This is one of the most popular social networking app, and

the popularity of is increasing day by day. The objects those are shared in Snapchat are called the

snaps. The users need to select time for the existence of their snap; this time could be from 1 to

10 seconds. The receiver can see this snap only for these selected seconds, and after these

selected seconds the snap will be deleted automatically from the app. The users are not allowed

to store the snaps in their device.

The popularity of Snapchat

Snapchat is among the most popular social networking sites. It has defeated almost all other

competitors. This popularity of this app is only for its effective services and features of the app.

Million of peoples are engage in using this app, they share their pictures, videos etc… Now the

number of total users of this app is 27 million, this was 14 million in the last year. This amount

of users are quite good, the app has gained this popularity within a very short period. Since its

invention Snapchat is maintaining this popularity rate.

New services to grow audiences for the brands

Snapchat is utilizing this popularity and they have taken many services too. They have taken a

new service named Snapchat Discovery. The service is for mainly advertising, news, Snapchat

story etc… this wide platform of Snapchat app is perfect for advertising, and for that various

companies are interested in promoting their brands and products in this app. As the app has

millions of users, the advertisement will be successful in this app, and it will be very easy to

reach to a huge number of people in a very simple way. So, the companies and brands now can

reach to the huge audience, through this social networking site. The teenage brands are more

interested in promoting their products in this service of Snapchat because most of the users of

this app are the teenage boys and girls. Mainly the United States teens are the main users of this

app. For reaching to those teenage boys and girls the companies are giving advertisement in this

social networking site. There are some cosmetic and food brands too those are also promoting

their brands through Snapchat.

Importance of this service

This advertising service has a lot of importance. In fact it has taken a major role in the digital

marketing. In the present age the digital marketing has got a huge responsibility, and advertising

in Snapchat has got a huge response too. Various companies are promoting their products in this

app. Besides, the users are also getting benefited as they are updated with the latest updates by

their favorite brands.

Since its origin Snapchat is in the discussion of most of the Medias. Almost every day you can

find headline congaing news about Snapchat, and this is the popularity of this app.

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