many year old bass -social media messenger-Snapchat, the future of Social media

While it has raised a storm of criticism for its leaked images and data, in the same time some

online experts have a strong believe and hunch that Snapchat is going to be the future master

in the spectrum of communication and advertisement. The conversation that you will have via

Snapchat will be disappeared after few seconds and nothing but memory can be cherished after

that, its gives a feel of real life conversation where the conversation disappears and nothing is

stored. Because no matter how much you try you can never regain or restore those images. There

are two facilities of these, those photos will not occupy the memory space of the card and they

cannot be used against you in the future. As no one knows when a friend turns into a foe.

The app is not like a regular instant messaging app, it’s like a podium-
Stories feature is here to tell stories of untold events

With its transient messaging feature it has surpassed the regular messaging apps which are now

reigning in the field of IMS. With the help of the stories feature the users can string snaps to tell

the stories of any event. Depending upon the setting of the users those stories can be viewed by

his friends or by anyone who has an account with the app. But that user is required to know your

actual username in order to find you and the story that you have posted. Several different aspects

of this feature are being explored by several renowned organizations like Audi, McDonald in

order to tell their stories or to share their messages with the audience via short video clips or a

series of photos.many Year Old BassMany Year Old Bass Dat bass -social media messenger

Discover the recent hearsay with the newscast of Snap chat Discover

Recently Snapchat has launched another incredible feature named as Discover, it is claimed

that this feature can give the feeling of surfing through different channels and also publish

advertisements like in the way of TV commercials. It covers videos and articles from renowned

news and entertainment channels like ESPN, CNN, ESPN, Comedy Central as well as People.

At this moment the app has nearly 200 million active users’ base and maximum part of them use

the app on a daily basis. According to a data of the company nearly one billion Stories are being

viewed and 800 million images are being sent via this platform every day.

What are the potentialities of this image sharing app?

When the CEO of this farm decided not to be sold to Facebook most of the experts have

criticized over this decision as they thought that Evan Spiegel just turned down a vast

opportunity which can bless him with huge fortune more than his ability. But Spiegel has shown

to the world that he did not make any wrong decision and he and his company are far worthier

than $ 3 billion. And now, Snapchat has able to raise a huge amount of fund in the latest funding

session and it is hoped that soon overpowering over the advertising segment they will earn more

and more revenue.

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