10 -review or viewing snapchat photos-Hacking of snapchat made possible with third-part app

Teenagers in are the guiding source in the genre of social media, and also have a threat of getting

proned into it. One such social media app is snap chat, which is generally used to transfer

messages and media files. It was hacked by third party app strategically a few days back; all the

photos here are deleted before the 10 seconds stipulated time set by the app for the users to see

the video or photos. The kids are often prone to improper usage of the app which is very personal

and the parents also can track the same because the time limitation is very short and it vanishes

with a blink of an eye. Hence hacking of snapchat has been very astonishing to the user of the


The world of social media app, where the population of kids is more found than any other age

groups. And the snapchat leaked is the main cause of worry for the user and the authority of the

company has also claimed the news to be appropriate.

Violating the privacy of users

In social media or any other app which is used on ground should be working keeping in mind

the privacy of the users and in that case the leaking photos to the hackers might be demoralsing

on the part of users. As some photos of unconsciousness or weak moments might be found to be

send to its destination, but you were safe that it would not be kept by destination or the any other

person because the stipulated time is very less. But now with the third-party app everything is

now hacked and some experts doubt it to be released worldwide, across all platforms.10 -review Or Viewing Snapchat Photos10 -review Or Viewing Snapchat Photos

Releasing of the news

The news after being release spread a big catastrophe, because the user using this app are proned

to using it regularly and they are in the dearth of leaked snapchat. This left the whole world in a

great shock and they are in dire straits that their personal moments will release all over the world

which will have a very big impact when they go to visit the society.

Expert’s opinion

Experts are on a different side of the path, believing on the motto of “prevention is better than

cure”. In that case, they presume that the people around should not share those personal or weak

moments to any one because no app is safe in this world. Every app has access to hackers by

virtue of which they are using to prioritize their own cause.

In the same way when the people around are stressing on the privacy issue to be kept in mind;

the people today are more vulnerable on what type media files to share and what not to. When

the app was released the app was very eager to provide everybody as a medium of information

based on messages and media files both, and in that case the terms are not followed properly.

Since it is free app no involvement money takes place no user is buying it in lieu of money so no

proper documentation is there. So, its usage depends on the users but hacker by a third party like

this always demoralizing.

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